The North American British Music Studies Association

The North American British Music Studies Association


Online Resources

British Studies Online Resources from Academic Info

Links and resources for various aspects of British Studies. Also contains
links to resources on Canadian, English, and Australian Studies.

Center for British Studies – University of California at Berkeley

The Center has three objectives: (1) Strengthen Berkeley’s intellectual
and institutional ties to Britain, (2) Support graduate and undergraduate
teaching and research in British Studies, and (3) Support interdisciplinary
research that recognises Britain’s relationships with America, Europe
and Commonwealth countries and their effects on British economy, society,
politics and culture.

Center for British and Irish Studies – University of Colorado

The Centre promotes research and teaching in all aspects of British
and Irish life, culture, and history. The Center, the only one of its
kind in the United States, advocates an interdisciplinary approach to
British and Irish Studies, joining the humanities and performing arts,
the social sciences, and the professional fields. The Center and university
libraries contain standard primary and secondary works, journals, British
government documents, microfilmed/microfiched sets of original manuscripts,
early books and newspapers, and personal papers from British archives.

Center for Nineteenth-Century Music – Durham University, UK

The Centre has three goals. First, to provide a centre unifying academic
work within the university in the field of nineteenth-century music. Second,
to create a locus for research in nineteenth-century music, with special
reference to the creation of a new international and interdisciplinary
peer-reviewed journal Nineteenth-Century Music Review. Third, to present
conferences, seminars and lecture series in support of national and international
interests in nineteenth-century music.

Guide to British and Irish Music Resources – St. Olaf College Library

The Guide to British and Irish Music Resources serves as a portal to primarily digital, scholarly resources dealing with classical music in the British Isles. Significant subscription resources will be noted, but the emphasis of this guide is on open-access sources and digital projects. The guide is regularly updated and welcomes suggestions for additional resources (please see the homepage of the guide for more details).

Leeds University Center for English Music (LUCEM)

LUCEM is devoted to the study of English music of all periods, though
at first it will concentrate particularly on the most neglected period,
roughly from 1700 to 1850, and on neglected genres and composers outside
that 150 years. LUCEUM concentrates on English music rather than British
music partly because Irish, Scottish and Welsh musicologists are now dealing
effectively with their own musical heritage, and in recent years have
responded constructively and imaginatively to the issues of identity and
cultural conflict raised by the presence of an exported English musical
culture in cities such as Edinburgh and Dublin.

The North American Conference on British Studies

NACBS is a scholarly society dedicated to all aspects of the study of
British civilization. The NACBS sponsors scholarly publications, an annual
conference, as well as several academic prizes and graduate fellowships.
While the largest single group of its members teach British history in
colleges and universities in the United States and Canada, the NACBS has
significant representation among specialists in literature, art history,
politics, law, sociology, and economics. Its membership also includes
many teachers at universities in countries outside North America, secondary
school teachers, and independent scholars.

The Britten-Pears Foundation

The Britten-Pears Foundation was established to promote the musical legacy
of Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears. The Britten-Pears Foundation website
is the hub of information about Britten and Pears, and the work of the
Foundation and the Britten Estate. It is also the portal to the comprehensive
research resources of the Britten-Pears Library.

Susan Burney Letters Project

A collection of over 300 letters
that provide “a uniquely informed account of English musical culture,
a chornicle of some of the period’s major political events and valuable
insights into the social status and occupations of an educated woman.”