The North American British Music Studies Association

The North American British Music Studies Association


North American British Music Studies Symposium

New Approaches to Music, Identity, and the British Empire from the Early Modern Era to Brexit

August 9, 10, and 11, 2021 on Zoom

Over the past few decades, the academy has seen a growing interest in the history and legacy of colonialism. The British Empire has been explored from a post-colonial perspective in fields including history, sociology, English literature, and performance studies. Critical race theory, new historicism, and other methodological approaches have sought to center the voices of the oppressed and the colonized. This year’s symposium—the inaugural event in a planned series of online symposia to be held alternately with our biennial conference—brings these larger humanistic trends to bear on music, media, and sound studies. Activities include roundtable discussions on “Post-Post Colonialism” and the “Future of Empire Studies” and a performance and presentation by DJ Rekha.

Symposium planning committee: Eric Hung, Amanda Eubanks Winkler, Imani Mosley, Kate Guthrie

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