The North American British Music Studies Association

The North American British Music Studies Association

Ruth Solie Prize for Outstanding Article on British Music

The North American British Music Studies Association (NABMSA) awards the biennial Ruth Solie Prize for the most outstanding article on a subject in British music. The prize is named in honor of Dr. Ruth A. Solie, second President of NABMSA and former President of the American Musicological Society, in recognition of her scholarship and service within the field of British music studies. The prize includes a $200 honorarium.



Articles should be submitted to the Chair of the Committee via email at the following address:

Christina Fuhrmann
cfuhrman <at>


Award Announcement

The Prize will be awarded at the NABMSA business meeting in November of Award Years.

Award Winners

2018: Alison DeSimone (UMKC) for her article “‘Equally Charming, Equally Too Great’: Female Rivalry, Politics, and Opera in Early Eighteenth-Century London,” Early Modern Women 12, 1 (2017): 73-101.

2020 (tie): David Beard: “‘Out of the Air: Judith Weir’s Emergence in 1970s Britain, or Interpreting Creative Self-Censorship,”  Music and Letters 100, 3 (2019): 481–528 and Danielle Ward-Griffin: “Realism Redux: Staging ‘Billy Budd’ in the Age of Television,” Music and Letters 100, 3 (2019): 447–480.

2022: Jonathan Rhodes Lee for his article “Music, Morality and Sympathy in the Eighteenth-Century English Sermon,” Eighteenth-Century Music 17, 1 (2020): 9–35.