The North American British Music Studies Association

The North American British Music Studies Association

Linda Shaver-Gleason Award


Nominations for this award will reopen in early 2025.


These awards honor the life and work of Linda Shaver-Gleason by supporting the continued contribution of junior and/or contingent scholars to the field of British Music Studies. An award comes with no stipulations other than membership in NAMBSA (included with the award). It may be used for whatever recipients believe will help them continue to be a contributing member of the scholarly community.


The awards are available on a rolling basis, and expected to be presented not less than three times in five years, dependent upon endowment funding.


Recipients must:

Nomination Requirements

Applicants can be nominated to the governing committee in two ways:

Nomination Process

Nominators should send a letter of nomination, and any supporting materials to the chair of the awards committee. Letters must present an argument for how the award will contribute to the recipient’s continued activity in the field of British Music Studies by detailing the potential and promise of the recipient (including the significance of their research and scholarly achievements), the need the recipient faces, and a suggested dollar amount that would help to alleviate this need.

Supporting materials should provide evidence for the argument made in the letter and may take various forms, e.g. dissertation chapters, a CV, links to blog posts, videos of talks or teaching or performances, material published in conventional print formats, etc.

Consideration of nominations will occur twice a year, once in January, and again in July, with awards announced in a timely fashion. Awards will be based on the materials provided to the committee and the evidence of promise that they communicate. Awards are also contingent on available funding.

The committee shall record a vote on each nomination and approval is contingent on a simple majority of votes.


As it is possible that recipients may not know they have been nominated, once an award has been approved, the committee chair will contact the recipient to confirm they wish to receive the award and be publicly identified as a winner. Once the awardee has been contacted, notification will also be sent to the nominator.

In the event that an application is turned down, the chair will notify only the nominator.

Post-Award Follow-up

Recipients will be approached within six months of receiving an award for a letter explaining the impact of the award on their activities in the field. The purpose of this letter is to gather information which may be useful in publicity and fund-raising to perpetuate the awards.


Awards will be funded based on the return from the specified endowment as well as other funds identified by the executive board. At no time should the principal of the endowment be used to fund awards. The amount of money available in each fiscal year will be determined by the committee in cooperation with the President and Treasurer.

Award Amount

The amount of an award is variable, but should not exceed $1000. The maximum award amount should be reviewed by the executive board every five years to maintain its impact and relevance.


The committee for these awards shall consist of no fewer than three NABMSA members in good standing, one of whom acts as the chair. The President and Treasurer of NABMSA will also serve on this committee in ex-officio capacities. The Treasurer and the Chair will be responsible for keeping a rolling tally of monies available and disbursed as well as a list of recipients.