North American British Music Studies Association

NABMSA Reviews: Fall 2017

The newest issue of NABMSA Reviews is now available with reviews of:

1. Andrew J. Boyle, Delius and Norway
2. Lisa Colton,Angel Song: Medieval English Music in History
3 antivirus kostenlos download chip. Nicholas Temperley, ed., Musicians of Bath and Beyond: Edward Loder (1809–1865) and his Family
4. Robert Gordon and Olaf Jubin, eds., The Oxford Handbook of the British Musical
5 herunterladen. Richard Semmens, Studies in the English Pantomime, 1712–1733
6. Vicki P. Stroeher and Justin Vickers, eds., Benjamin Britten Studies: Essays on an Inexplicit Art
7 herunterladen. Sandra Mangsen, Songs without Words: Keyboard Arrangements of Vocal Music in England, 1560–1760
8. Paul Watt, Ernest Newman: A Critical Biography

CFP: Midwest Victorian Studies: Victorian Health and Wellness

Midwest Victorian Studies Conference

CFP – Victorian Health and Wellness

Saint Louis University

April 20-22, 2018


What did it mean to be healthy in nineteenth-century Britain and its empire herunterladen? What practices and policies shaped soundness of body, mind, and spirit? Just how well (or unwell) were the Victorians? The Program Committee for the 2018 MVSA conference invites proposals for papers and panels on the subject of Victorian health and wellness. Submissions are welcome from scholars working in art history, musicology, history, science, philosophy, theater, literature, and other fields of scholarly endeavor asana. We encourage proposals that will contribute to cross-disciplinary discussion, which is a special feature of MVSA conferences.


The Jane Stedman Plenary Speaker will be Dr download dropbox files automatically. Carolyn Day of the Department of History at Furman University. Professor Day is an expert on perceptions and experiences of disease in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century England, and is the author of Consumptive Chic: A History of Beauty, Fashion, and Disease itunes for free for iphone 6.


The 2018 conference will feature seminars led by Dr. Carolyn Day, Dr musik herunterladen mp3 converter. Christopher Ferguson, and Dr freedb datenbank herunterladen. Anne Stiles.


More information can be found on the conference CFP (deadline Sept 30th), the seminar CFP  (deadline Oct 31st), and the MVSA website foto's download funda.

Recent Publications, Spring 2017


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Murphy, Estelle. “‘Liveridge is in Ireland’: Richard Leveridge and the Earliest Surviving Dublin Birthday Odes.” Music and Letters 98/1 (February 2017): 32-73 app videos herunterladen ipad.

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Walton, Benjamin. “Malibran’s Favourite Aria Balfe, ‘With Rapture Dwelling’ (Isoline), The Maid of Artois, Act III.” Cambridge Opera Journal, Special Issue: Rethinking the Aria  – in honor of Roger Parker 28/2 (July 2016): 161-65.

Wiebe, Heather. “Confronting Opera in the 1960s: Birtwistle’s Punch and Judy.” Journal of the Royal Musical Association 142/1 (May 2017): 173-204 outlook den rest der nachricht jetzt herunterladen.

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Williams, Sarah F. Williams. “To the Tune of Witchcraft: Witchcraft, Popular Song, and the Seventeenth-Century English Broadside Ballad.” Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music 19/3 (2013):

Wium, Matildie Thom. “Jenny Lind, Harriet Grote and Elite Music Patronage in Early Victorian London.” Journal of the Royal Musical Association 141/2 (November 2016): 283-302 herunterladen.



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Items of Interest

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Not Another Music History Cliché, then you’re missing out apk mozilla firefox. NABMSA’s own Linda Shaver-Gleason has been taking on the persistent myths and misinterpretations that keep popping up in program notes, blogs, and other writings skat downloaden. The most recent post tackles W.H. Auden and Benjamin Britten.

Syracuse University News has a fascinating piece highlighting Amanda Eubanks Winkler’s work on staging Restoration Shakespeare verkehrszeichen kostenlos downloaden. It’s worth a read for anyone interested in Shakespeare, the Restoration, or historical staging practices.