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CFP: “Dancing Undisciplined”

CFP – Call for Papers (Due 11 July 2014): “Dancing Undisciplined” Evening Session of the AMS Music and Dance Study Group at the 2014 Joint Meeting of the AMS/SMT in Milwaukee 7 November, 8:00 PM.

The AMS Music and Dance Study Group invites submissions for our evening panel titled “Dancing Undisciplined,” to be held at the joint AMS/SMT meeting in Milwaukee on Friday, Nov. 7, 2014 from 8:00 to 10:00 PM. The panel will explore methods for incorporating dance into the music history and theory classroom. Panelists will speak for 10–15 minutes. The panel will be chaired by Chantal Frankenbach (California State University, Sacramento), who will moderate a discussion following the panelists’ papers. We welcome submissions on a variety of pedagogical approaches that acknowledge crucial, yet long-neglected, connections between music and dance. Topics might include: *innovative cross-disciplinary teaching in music and dance *successful collaborations between music and dance departments *dance in the pedagogy of rhythm and/or musical form *introducing terms such as Mouvement and Bewegung to the music student *dance in the history of jazz *considerations of dance in Baroque performance *historical composer/choreographer collaborations *dance in musical theater and opera *crossing boundaries between social dance and concert music Please submit abstracts of 250 words to the MDSG Program Committee Chair, Daniel Callahan, at Deadline for submissions is 11 July 2014.!events-and-cfps/c2q4

Recent PhDs on British music

Congratulations to the following NABMSA friends on successfully defending their Ph.D. theses:

John-Bede Pauley, “Benjamin Britten, Herbert Howells, and Silence as the Ineffable in English Cathedral Music,” Durham University, January 2014. (supervisor: Bennett Zon)

Katie Guthrie, “Music and Cultural Values in 1940s’ Britain,” King’s College London, April 2014. (1st supervisor: Roger Parker; 2nd supervisor: Heather Wiebe)

Recent Publications (May 2014)

Thank you to Jennifer Oates for compiling this list. As always, please let me know if you have publications or other news items to post to this blog.



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Recent Publications: February 2014

 Compiled by Jennifer Oates


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